pencil/ OG/3OG edge polishing machine

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1.Professional for processing pencial edge, OG edge and 3OG edge.Rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing can be finished by one pass, the processed edge as shiny & bright as glass surface.
2.The input & output adopt synchronous rise/lower, to make grinding-volume adjustment easy & convenient.
3.Input & output tansmission adopts timing belt, which improve the stability of transmission.
4.Schneider electronics, PLC control, all the parameter can be set by touch screen.
5.Variable frequency motor for driving, the speed can be adjusted on touch screen directly.
6.The machine’s base, beams and the base of spindles are made of excellent cast iron, all the cast iron and steel parts are treated by tempering, to ensure the machine running under the best proformance and stability in different area of all over the world. 
 Model  Min.size Thickness  Speed Weight  Power Spindle Dimension
SZ-YB4 80*80mm 3-19mm 1.2-6 m/min 2000 kg 11.5kw 4 6600*1100*2500mm
SZ-YB7 80*80mm 3-19mm 0.8-5.5 m/min 2800 kg 16.9kw 7 5800*1100*2500mm