2 EVA Glass Laminating Furnace

SG series is the professional equipment to produce laminated EVA glass without autoclave.  It is able to produce various laminated glass thanks to the advantages of this machine and specific film. You can insert the silk, paper, plastic film, metal mesh, fabrics or other films into normal glass sheets in order to produce decorative and functional laminated glass.
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The heating elements would be placed in horizontal direction, which means to be parallel with glass sheet. The heating would be achieved with electricity heating tube or infrared ray heating tube, and evenly be distributed by assistance of two air blowers. In this case, it can quickly reach to the target temperature, so that to save a lot of time and power consumption.
The mechanical parts are applied with strengthen steel for heavy glass, which allow to have a full loading of 100mm thick of glass, it is able to produce both the single piece or multi pieces by means of different combination so that the production capacity would be increased for double or triple. The mostly equipment would be placed inside of furnace with good ventilation, and easily for maintains, thus, it obtains beautiful shape and safe purpose.
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The control system applies the PLC with touch screen; all the parameters can be easily and directly set trough finger touch. The temperature would be regulated by means of changing the value of voltage, so that it can have accurate temperature control.
The furnace door would be opened or closed by pneumatic or electricity power; thick insulating materials; high tear-resist silicon rubber bags; high temperature-resist bear for pulling. CE regulated electronics and wiring; power-strengthen vacuum pump, well-know brand electronic… all above basic elements ensure the quality and stability of machine.