SZ-SL6033 Glass Cutting Table


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Control panel with incorporated independent Computer WiFi and 21" Screen , software packet with optimization program developed in Multitasking systems  with 250 parametric preconstructed shapes, user graphic interface for the managing of the cutting cycle and machine monitoring , pneumatic tilting Arms for Loading and Unloading glass, air cushion,  ventilator for the movement of the sheet on the surface, , double zero for the cutting of laminated glass, security systems following the laws,handbook in English.

Max. workable glass sheet mm. 6100x3300.
Workable thickness From 2 to 19 mm (0.079 to 0.748 in). Machine can cut every kind of glass (except tempered ones)
Safety of the glass presence:
A sensor is placed on the cutting head, to stop the machine in case of lack of glass sheets
Management of mechanisms:
Immediate and controlled braking of the bridge and the cutting head, as soon as an emergency occurs.
Weight Kg. 3000
Work surface height:
Adjstable from 890 to 960 mm (34.65 to 38.19 in)
  SL4028 Parameter
Technology parameter SA60-33
Maximum size 6100 x 3300 mm
Maximum thickness 2 - 19 mm
Cutting speed 220 m/min
Cutting Tolerance +/- 0.15 mm
Axis control CNC Servo control
Axis movement Rack system
Different shapes cutting Standard 
6 Pneumatic loading Bars Standard 
Cutting pressure automatic adjustment Standard 
Cutting speed automatic adjustment Standard 
Laser scanning Optional Included
Laser positioning system Standard 
Softh Low-e removal system Optional
Glass sculpture film cutting-Vinil Optional
Label Printer on PC cabinet Optional
Optimization software software 1 Key
Import DXF and XLS Files Optional
Remote control Standard 
Operating system Multi-tasking OS
Data transferring USB Wire or USB
Cutting hydro-cylinder 2
Wide 4000 mm
Length 7020 mm
Height 900 mm
Total weight 3000 kg
Pressure 6 bar
Air use  50 lt/min
Voltage 400V 3NPE
Frequency 50/60 Hz 
Total power 12 KW