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1.Professional glass drilling machine available with options of automatic twins, automatic, semi-automatic and manual.

2.The machines are designed and manufactured with the best mechanical parts, such as ball screw and slide way

3.Applied with hydraulic buffer technology with PLC control, the parameter are set through touch screen or digital panel, the jobs of tool setting and feeding are done automatically


Model Max size Thickness Hole diameter Power Weight Dimension
SZ-ZK130 2200*2700mm 3-30mm 4-220mm 2.3kw 1000kg 2200*2680*1750mm
SZ-ZK080A 2100*2700mm 3-30mm 4-80mm 3.8kw 1100kg 2150*2500*1750mm
SZ-ZK080 2100*2700mm 3-30mm 4-80mm 3.8kw 1100kg 2150*2500*1750mm
SZ-080twins 2100*2700mm 3-30mm 4-80mm 8.5kw 1100kg 2150*2500*1750mm