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SZ-3000-4SD EVA glass laminating furnace

SG-3000-4SD EVA glass laminating machine is a professional equipment to produce laminated glass without autoclave. It is able to produce various laminated glass thanks to the advantages of this machine and specific film. You can insert the silk, paper, plastic film, metal mesh, fiber, PDLC film or other films into normal glass sheets in order to produce decorative and functional laminated glass.




  • Double Chamber , and each chamber can be run independently, high production capacity, but low energy consumption;
  • Cycle air heating system, the air volume is adjustable, so that ensure an even temperature distribution , high efficiency by fast heating.
  • 7 cooling air blowers, providing a fast cooling, and helpful for transparency of the finished glass.
  • Siemens PLC with touch screen, all the processing would be finished with PLC control automatically, it is possible to setup muti-steps heating with a curving diagram displaying, the recipes are able to be saved in the PLC for future application



  • Vacuum saving system. An automatic vacuum holding system, provides the possibility to hold the vacuum at vacuum bag end on certain time in case of power off by any accident , so that the operator is able to take action to save lost.
  • Copper fast connector, stainless steel hinge, chroming foundation feet, high temperature resist bears... pay attention to all the details to ensure quality of the machine.




Max. glass size


Control system

PLC with touch screen

Heating Temperature


Heating time

30 minutes

Vacuum rate




Compressor air




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